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Tue, Sep 20


Arts Santa Monica - Barcelona

Persus Nine & Stefano Caseya present "Extended Reality"

OVNI - Arts Santa Monica General public Free entry with limited capacity to 55 people

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Persus Nine & Stefano Caseya present "Extended Reality"
Persus Nine & Stefano Caseya present "Extended Reality"

Orario & Sede

Sep 20, 2022, 7:00 PM

Arts Santa Monica - Barcelona, La Rambla, 7, 08002 Barcelona, Spagna

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Extended Reality is a hybrid project in progressive extension,  divided into acts where a live A/V performance [music + visuals]  alternates with filmed conversations and interviews. It explores the  universe of masks, understood as an extension of individual reality, be  it interior and profound or externally evoked: masks that evoke the  "here and now", or that lead to other places, in other times.

In this episode we will touch on:

  1. Masks and interiority: on the stage of life, we keep exchanging our scenes and roles (and  their masks) - some chosen and some imposed: on the one hand they  protect us and on the other they allow us to access our interiority,  they allow us to contact our inner characters; the mask exalts the  dialethic between what is hidden and what is revealed, between what is  taught and what remains hidden: it represents the value of interiority  vs superficiality, of what we keep hidden by choice, fear, trauma,  homologation,  insecurities  due  to  lack  of  connections  with   like-minded people; it is the value of introspection vs easy  consumption, it is the powerful articulation of something organic  instead of mental-digital shutdown. In some practices, masks are the  symbolic mediating object, whose construction with different materials,  or their use and attribution of symbolic roles, allows access to inner  characters and to stage, in a space of representation, experiences that  have not yet been elaborated.
  2. Masks to overcome the limits of the human being:  the search for and understanding of the unknown, the contact with  undefined forces have always been at the centre of human existence and  insistence. The body then becomes a tool of mediation, which can be  decorated with garments, masks and signs: they are the only means  available for contact with the spirits. In this process, the human face  is the centre of transfiguration and the head must be reinforced,  because it is the organic antenna of communication with extra-human  beings.


Instagram: @loonvisuals @persus_nine

Stefano Caseya, Persus Nine

By OVNI, Observatori de Video no Identificat

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