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Music producer Persus Nine and visual artist Loon team up to present A/V project "Territoires", a journey towards unexpected places. In a moment where contemporary culture puts the idea of border strongly under discussion, "Territoires" tries to build bridges between music, videos, distant spaces and imaginaries.

"Territoires" suggests without telling, evokes without showing, lets the audience connect the dots by displaying a series of opposite tensions and dichotomies: density/rarefaction, generating/recording, organic/synthetic, fragmentation/continuity.



The One - Visuals generated with volumetric technique

Lightning at the horizon

Soft if I May

All your troubles - live at Sala Apolo

Heartbeat - live at Sala Apolo

Dark and more figurative first act of our live show, performed in the studios of Alca Films (Barcelona); it's edited with some volumetric shots of Persus Nine playing guitar. 

Lucid Dream - act 1

Captain Absinthe

00'00'' Lucid dream

05'50'' Seconds [volumetric content/shots]

11'40'' El Raval

16'00'' Sam

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